What is a healthy relationship?

Everyone deserves to be in a healthy relationship that is free from violence. There are a lot of ways to define a healthy relationship. Sometimes at the beginning of a relationship things seem healthy, and it is easy to think that small unhealthy behaviors are not a big deal. If you have concerns about your relationship, please give us a call at 860-344-9599.

Here are some components of healthy relationships:

  • Communication that is open, honest, and safe
    • Can you talk about things that are bothering you without being afraid?
    • Do you feel that your opinions, desires, and feelings are valued and respected? Do you value and respect your partner’s opinions, desires, and feelings?
    • Are you both supportive of each other?
    • Read more about healthy communication here.
    • Conflict happens in all relationships but there are healthy and unhealthy ways to resolve conflict. Read about healthy conflict resolution here.
  • Trust in your partner
    • Can you rely on your partner?
    • Do they make you feel safe physically and emotionally?
    • Are you there for each other when you need support?
    • Does your partner follow through on promises or commitments that they make?
    • Read more about trust here.
  • Respect for healthy boundaries
    • Do you share boundaries that you both agreed on? Do they help to make you feel comfortable and safe?
    • Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells around your partner?
    • Do you respect each others’ privacy?
    • Learn more about setting and respecting boundaries here.
  • Mutual respect
    • Do you understand and practice consent?
    • Do you treat each other as equals in your relationship?