Staff Spotlight: Elizabeth Marshall

Elizabeth Marshall

This issue’s staff spotlight features Elizabeth Marshall. Elizabeth is an adult advocate, as well as the volunteer and intern coordinator at New Horizons. Elizabeth is passionate about her work and dedicates herself to serving clients.

Q. What is an adult advocate? What does a typical day look like for you?

A.  An Adult Advocate is a Domestic Violence Crisis Counselor and Advocate who primarily deals with adults IPV victims. On any given day I may provide counseling related to IPV issue to members of the community, or safe house residents. Additionally, I communicate with other service providers or agencies, in an effort to advocate for my clients. I attend meetings or trainings, and sit on committees to better the lives of those we serve. I answer the crisis hotline to provide emotional support to IPV victims, conduct intakes for safe sheltering, and receive referrals. I’ve found that one day is never the same as the next.

Q. What drew you to working with victim-survivors of domestic violence?  

A.  While in law school I conducted my practical internship in the Westchester County, NY District Attorney’s Office’s “Special Victim’s Unit.” Months of working with women, men and children who had been subjected to physical and sexual violence opened my eyes to the horror these crimes wreak on the lives of those effected.

Q. What inspires you about your work in the intimate partner violence field?

A.  I find something to inspire me every day. It may be knowing that I assisted in aiding someone to a safer location, or watching a client begin to feel less traumatized and cease the cycle of self-blame. Every success if inspirational and motivational.

Q. What advice do you have for possible clients who are looking for assistance from New Horizons?

A.  Please call us. New Horizons advocates are trauma informed, educated in the power and control cycle of abuse, and all are willing to go above and beyond to suit needs of those we serve.

Q. What are you hopeful for in terms of a future without domestic violence?

A.  I’m hopeful for better community understanding of domestic violence. Someday, I hope to never have to answer the question ‘Why didn’t she just leave?’ again. Equally, I hope for better legislation involving the nuances involved in this crime. The Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence does a wonderful job lobbying for new bills to protect and prevent. New Horizons is always on board to back up previously proposed legislation, and works to suggest additional statutory needs.